When did we start making green communities?



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    While the official starting date of green community recognition is uncertain, I have found green community projects as early as 2002, in Chicago, IL. Beginning on October 21, 2009, green communities gained full swing through a national commitment and $4 billion pledge to green affordable housing.  Green communities have always been around yet this program has only begun to recognize them.  New communities are added every week based on their ability to meet the well-established criteria that can be found through the citation.

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    Green communities have existed for all of human history until recently. Before people discovered machines and assembly lines, it was necessary to work with the environment to survive. Since this is no longer the world we live in, there are modern “green communities” which are attempting to green their homes and towns. The LEED standard did not exist until 1999, and this is the most widely recognized standard for green buildings. The idea of green communities occurred later, sometime in the last decade. 

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