When did we first realize there were weather patterns that we could follow?



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    People have been noticing and tracking weather patterns for thousands of years, including in ancient China, Arab countries, and Europe. In fact, the English term “meteorology”- which we define as a study of weather and atmospheric patterns- was coined by Aristotle in his book “Meteorologica”. In the 17th century, some of our modern weather instruments were invented. The barometer was invented, which indicates changes in the atmosphere that help us make predictions about the weather. In this time period, we discovered that atmospheric pressure is linked to altitude. In 1654, Fernando II de Medici traveled all over Europe tracking and analyzing weather patterns. Today we try to improve our accuracy and predictions, but use some of these same theoretical methods as in ancient times. The truth is that in ancient times, science and understanding was often much more interconnected with natural phenomena, especially in the sky.

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