What is your favorite story about an animal?



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    My favorite book about an animal is also my favorite book – Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. The book is a travelogue, chronicling the writer’s journey around the United States with his pet poodle, Charley, in the year 1960, two years before his death. The story is more about the journey than the relationship between the man and his dog, but that is part of the reason why I like it so much; the animal is just as much of a character as the man. The story is very interesting, as it presents an America that is both strikingly similar to and different from the country modern Americans know; the chapters that are set in the South have the biggest impact in that regard. If you think a story about an old man and his old dog driving around the US sounds like a good read, definitely pick this one up!

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    I have heard a lot of stories about animal heroism, there is a video I recently saw of a cat scaring away an alligator which perhaps you have also seen, and unexpected animal friendships. One cute story was of a deer which comes to visit a cat at his home every day! But I think my all time favorite is of the escaping octopus. There was an octopus in an aquarium in England which was much more intelligent than they expected. It climbed out of its tank every night when the employees had gone home and snuck into a neighboring tank to eat the lumpfish! A lumpfish or two went missing every night for a while before they figured it out. Another octopus figured out how to tear the tube out of his tank, redirect the water into the room, and flooded the aquarium! 


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    My favorite story about an animal is a children’s book called “Philippe in Monet’s Garden”.  Philippe is a frog with giant legs who manages to escape the nets of people catching frogs to use in frog leg recipes.  He takes refuge in Monet’s garden and befriends the artist.

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    I am going to go with “The Story of Ferdinand” about Ferdinand the Bull. I have read it to my one-year old at least 30 times. It is a cute, fun story. For adults, “Animal Farm,” by George Orwell about the evils of communism.

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    Some of my favorite animal stories are in the Peter Rabbit series of books by Beatrix Potter. They tell the stories of rabbits, mice, hedgehogs, ducks, and other small creatures that live in the English countryside. The illustrations are charming and beautiful, and the stories are great little tales for kids—Potter even insisted that the books were printed with small pages and covers so kids could handle them easily. The stories are really sweet little nursery tales about the animals and their lives in the beautiful English countryside.

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    One of my favorites stories about animals is a story called The Cat Who Went to Heaven.  My Buddhist aunt gave it to me, and I found it very inspiring.  It’s a children’s story written in 1930 about a Japanese painter whose housekeeper buys a cat instead of a meal.  Angry at first, the cat grows on the painter and eventually he faces a dilemma about whether or not to include the cat in his commissioned painting.  Cats being regarded as prideful and not worthy of Nirvana, the presence of his own cat compels him to include it in the painting, though he knows it will anger the monks.  It seemed such a great story of loyalty and friendship, I remember it even after years of having read it last.

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    One of my favourite animal stories is a children’s book called Augustus and His Smile. It’s all about how the tiger Augustus is feeling down, and his search across the world for his smile. The illustrations are excellent, earning the illustrator (and author) the Best New Illustrator Award at the Booktrust Early Years awards.  It’s very sweet and short, and always makes me smile.


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    My favorite story about animals has to be the The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. In addition to being a beautiful book, it has a nice lesson and also goes through the life cycle of a caterpillar into a butterfly in terms a child can understand. 


    Another one I love and think is a really important book to read to children is Dr. Suess’s The Lorax. This is a story about a greedy person who doesn’t care about the environment, trees, or animals. The Lorax is the defender of all these things and at the end of the book the responsibility is passed along to the reader. 


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    Charlotte’s Web, by EB White. It is a story about animal life on a farm. The ending is sad, but very touching and meaningful. I remember reading it when I was in grade school and I almost cried in the end because I fell in love with the animal characters, their strengths, their weaknesses, their unique personalities. 

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