What is your favorite green business?



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    For making computers, Dell is actually quite environmentally conscious.  All of their products are shipped in packaging made from bamboo, which is an easily compostable material.  Dell offers free recycling on all of their products.  Dell’s products satisfy the greenest standards all around the world, including the standards of REACH (the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). 7.2 million pounds of post-consumer recycled plastic was used in select Dell monitors and systems in 2009.  Newsweek also listed Dell as the most environmentally friendly business in the United States.

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    My favorite green business, the Nintendo Wii. It is fun to play and the most energy efficient gaming system out there.

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    Timberland is a great company that’s decreasing the environmental impact of their products in many ways.  They design their shoes and other clothes to last a long time and to even be recycled when one wearer is done with them.  In their corporate headquarters they’re saving energy, water, and other resources and they’re encouraging their consumers to do the same.

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    I’m surprised no one mentioned this yet, but Apple is my favorite green business. I think the way that they continuously innovate their “green” design into their new products is amazing. An example would be their use of aluminum, which can be recycled into other products. One of the main reasons why I bought my laptop from Apple was for the eco-friendly nature it provided. This design philosophy stretches into all of their other products as well. 

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    I don’t really have one, but I really love Everyday Minerals. It’s Austin-based and all of their makeup brushes and containers are vegan, cruelty-free, and the ingredients from outside the country don’t come from people paid poorly. The founder also gives out some of her sets with organic bags and all of the ingredients are eco-friendly. She also partners up with other websites to promote using green cosmetics.

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    My favorite green business is Kohls. I love shopping there (great deals!) and their buildings are LEED certified. The Kohls near me runs on solar power. It’s great. They work to save energy in their buildings and do many of their shipments via freight train which is better for the environment than trucks. 

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