What would happen if we didn’t have vultures?



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    Vultures play a very important role in the balance of ecosystems. They do not hunt for food, but are scavengers, meaning they consume the flesh of animal carcasses, rather than live organisms. By doing this, they keep the environment clean and free of diseases that are caused by the decaying of organisms. These diseases include rabies and anthrax, which have an adverse effect on human and livestock populations. So, if there are no vultures, then the spread of these diseases would be greatly accelerated. 

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    In addition to the post from powdrbowl, the decrease in vulture populations opens the doors for diseases spread throughout large areas. India is facing their own problems dealing with the decline of the vulture populations. Vultures, who were the disposal source of cattle carcasses, are no longer as prevalent leaving many carcasses to sit and rot.

    With the absence of the vultures and their quick picking of the body, other predator populations have risen. India is seeing a rise in the population of wild dogs, crows, and rats. This poses serious threats to cities as, especially with the wild dogs who hunt in packs, diseases like rabies are able to travel quickly.

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