What would cause your chickens to stop laying eggs?



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    There are several reasons why a chicken may stop laying eggs.  Declining day length, improper nutrition, broodiness, molt, age, or disease can affect the production of eggs.

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    Though there are a host of reasons a hen may stop laying eggs, some are very common and even expected. A hen has a natural cycle in which egg production increases and declines. At 35 weeks of age, a hen reaches peak egg production. After this point, production begins to slow. Molting also may stop egg production because it needs much more energy to grow new feathers and has very little energy left for laying eggs. Broodiness may also occur, which is the hens natural inclination to sit on her eggs until they hatch. During this period, she will not produce more eggs. Stress may prevent egg production, no matter how slight, so hens should always have access to adequate amounts of nutritious food and protection from predators. 

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    There are several reasons for a chicken, your chicken, to stop laying eggs. One reason can be shortened day length, daylight will shorten until December 22. Molting is another reason, the body’s energy goes into replacing old feathers with new feathers. Other possible reasons, age, flock health, broodiness, nutrition, stress and of course age. 

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