What is Worldchanging Canada?



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    Worldchanging Canada is the Canadian branch of a non-profit group founded in Seattle, WA, in 2003. Worldchanging advertises itself as a “network of journalists, designers and thinkers,” whose mission is to develop innovative solutions for the world’s environmental problems. To date, the group has published over 11,000 articles and one book to promote the idea of worldwide sustainable living. Worldchanging Canada was founded in 2006, and has since published nearly 400 articles in keeping with the organization’s mission. 

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    Worldchanging Canada is a publication on environmental issues and ways to make the world a better place for future generations.  On October 31, 2010, they celebrated their fourth anniversary.  They have gained quite the following over the past few years, not only with higher-profile articles, but with a larger base of contributers.

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