What were some highlights of the London Design Festival?



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    The London Design festival took place this year from September 18th through the 26th.  With over 170 participating organizations, I will only name a few of the highlights.  In Trafalgar Square, you could find 5 meter tall robotic arms designed to work on a car assembly line.  A Polish designer named Oskar Zieta showed his new method to inflate steel.  Max Lamb is a designer who simply uses a hammer, chisel, and plaster block.  The interesting part about him is that he never knows what he is about to design, he just makes it up as he goes along.

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    Check out these pictures of the most recent London Design festival. The designs were available across London, in public spaces. People could interact with the designs as well, as seen in the last picture where people are sitting and laying on the design. 

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