What was the first magazine or newspaper to publish something about Global Warming or climate change?



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    It sounds like the first publication was in 1896, by Arrhenius. He was the first one to calculate human emitted carbon dioxide as a cause of global warming. There were other scientists before him that studied the atmospheric gases and their affect on global climate such as Tyndall and Fourier, but it doesn’t look like they published their findings. Publications in that era were often small publications, or one leaf pamphlets, so it is not likely his publication was in an official magazine or newspaper.

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    The first magazine to publish an article on manmade climate change was apparently Time, on May 25, 1953. It records the physicist Gilbert N. Plass’ predictions about the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and what effect this increase would have on global temperatures. Incidentally, the first use of the words “global warming” occurs in a November 6, 1957 article in the Hammond Times entitled “Air Pollution One of Biggest Problems Facing America Today.”  

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