What is the warmest material to make a blanket out of?



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    The warmest and most convenient would be a down blanket. Anything that is natural, and not synthetic will be warmer. Fur from an animal would not work obviously, due to humane laws and such, so down is the best alternative. They are warm and comfortable, as the feathers in down pillows have been produced from thousands of years of evolution to keep birds warm.

    Wool and cotton are also good materials to make blankets out of since they are also natural materials, but people have generally found that those kinds of blankets don’t breathe too well and sweat will just sit there and make the person colder.

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    Wool actually does breath rather well, but cotton does not.  If you look at what “base layers” aka long underwear is made out of these days you will find the only non-synthetic material is merino wool.  long underwear made out merino is marketed to skiers because it will allow them to breath when they get to hot and sweety from going down the hill, but won’t get cold and clamy like cotton on the way back up the chair lift.  I own a pair of long underwear made out of 17 micron merino wool, it was 165 dollars and one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  It’s soft to the skin and has kept me warm on many sking trips.


    Fleece would also make a good blanket, but it not natural so I think it might be taboo on this web site.

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