What types of frogs are the most endangered?



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    The Guardian UK recently ran an on-line story, telling the sad story of ten frog species that are critically endangered – or worse, in some cases. The link to the story is posted below. The most serious case seems to be The Panamanian Golden Frog, which is likely extinct due to a fungal disease that has wiped out its numbers; the extent of the disease is thought to be accelerated by climate change. 

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    There are many frogs endangered in the United States alone. Unfortunately, it does not seem a specific type or species of frog is moreprone to being endangered. Tree frogs, aquatic frogs in every state or country around the world are threatened. The main reason is that habitats are being destroyed.

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    There is actually a large frog called the “Mountain Chicken” frog that is inching closer and closer to extinction as, a fungus has invaded its last haven and now scientists and researchers are trying all they can, to stop the inevitable. 

    “In 2002 chytrid fungus hit the Dominican population wiping out the majority of mountain chickens found there. This left the Montserrat population as the only global stronghold for this species in the wild but still very vulnerable to this quick spreading disease.”

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