what type of texture does siltstone have



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    Siltstone, a sedimentary rock formed from silt, thank you rocks for jocks. Siltstone’s texture has been described as “loamy” which is a composite of different materials such as clay, silt, sand and organic matter.

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    Silt is a specific size term for particles of sediment smaller than sand and larger than clay. Siltstone can contain sand or clay, but its name would then be modified as “sandy siltstone” or “clayey siltstone.” Organic matter might be present but not necessary.

    So its texture is extremely fine granined; you can tell the difference from sandstone in that you can see the grains easily in sandstone. You can tell the difference from claystone or mudstone (shale) by chewing on a piece – if it feels gritty, it is siltstone, if more creamy, it’s shale/claystone/mudstone.

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