What is Th!nk?



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    Th!nk Mobility used to be an enterprise of Ford Motor Company, and Ford’s Th!nk line used to have four different models. The line was stopped, and Ford sold stock to the Norwegian company that now sells electric vehicles.

    Th!nk is now a Norwegian car company that sells cars that are energy efficient that do not emit CO2. Th!nk’s cars are 100 percent electric, and they are 3 times more energy efficient than typical cars. When they are used with a MES DEA Zebra battery, the cars can go up to 180 km on just one charge. The cars are made in a factory in Norway that is low on carbon emissions.

    Additional source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_TH!NK

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    Th!nk is a Norwegian car company dedicated to producing electric vehicles. They’ve been around for about 18 years. Th!nk is a truly sustainable company. Their production facilities are carbon neutral and they leave their bodywork and plastics unpainted.

    One of their new cars, Th!nk City is made of recycled material and is 95% recyclable.

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