What sport is the most damaging to the environment?



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    It may come as a surprise, but the most damaging sport there is to the environment is the Olympics.  Throughout the years no other sport has accumulated as much waste, emitted as much greenhouse gas and caused as much ecosystem damage as the Olympic Games, but here are other sports that endanger the environment.  Skydiving and NASCAR / car racing are considered to be the next two most damaging sports after the Olympics; mainly for the dangerous emissions that are released into the environment.  Other dangerous sports include skiing, snowboarding and hunting for sport.  Skiing and snowboarding have direct effects by using their snow making machines, but ultimately the main reason is because of the travel that it takes to arrive at the resorts.  Hunting for sport is obviously reducing the amount of wildlife and is not essential for survival.  

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    Auto racing.  There are other candidates, of course – skydiving emits unnecesary greenhouse gases, sport hunting unnecessarily reduces wildlife populations, etc.  But none approach the environmental damage of auto racing.  There are dozens of different types of auto racing, from drag racing to stock car racing to rallies, as well as different vehicles (motorcycle racing, truck racing, etc.).  Each type has several subdivisions, and each subdivision has its own series of races.  All of this adds up to tons of CO2, emitted into the atmosphere and depleting our ozone … for sport.

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      I think the law should require all NASCAR races to allow only 100% solar powered vehicles in them. It would be interesting to see how the fans reacted to the winner cruising across the finish line at a brisk 39 mph.

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    Golf courses are often built in beautiful settings like mountains or forests to construct a peaceful atmosphere.  To create a course, trees must be cleared and habitats drastically altered.  Outside of many national parks lie golf courses, which often give a rather touristy feel.  While golf is not the most damaging sport to the environment, it most certainly leaves a lasting scar.

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