what species of bat are endangered?



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    According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services seven species of bats are endangered in the United States. Out of the 45 species of bats in the United States these are the seven that are facing extinction: Mexican Greater Long-Nosed, Lesser Long-Nosed, Hawaiian Hoary, Gray Bat, Virginia Big-Eared and Ozark Big-Eared.

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    The Gray Bat is my favorite of the endangered bat species, because they are the most like people.  They live in densely populated caves, like a lot of urban cities, which I am sure is high stress (the silient killer).  When aroused, gray bats tend to go off, which can lead to homicides and even suicides amongst them (sound familiar).  Seriously, there are several species of bat which are endangered, mostly because Man doesn’t understand a lot about their habits.  The Indiana bat is another personal favorite, but there is an extensive list of of endangered bats on the links below. Just click and enjoy the journey.

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    The IUCN is the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  As of 2003, the IUCN listed 29 species of bats as “critically endangered”.  These bats are listed as follows:

    Scientific Name Common Name
    Aproteles bulmerae Bulmer’s Fruit Bat
    Chaerephon gallagheri Gallagher’s Free-tailed Bat
    Coleura seychellensis Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat
    Hipposideros nequam Malayan Roundleaf Bat
    Latidens salimalii Salim Ali’s Fruit Bat
    Mops niangarae Niangara Free-tailed Bat
    Murina tenebrosa Gloomy Tube-nosed Bat
    Myotis cobanensis Guatemalan Myotis
    Myotis planiceps Flat-headed Myotis
    Nyctimene rabori Philippine Tube-nosed Bat
    Otomops wroughtoni Wroughton’s free-tailed Bat
    Paracoelops megalotis Vietnam Leaf-nosed Bat
    Pharotis imogene New Guinea Big-eared Bat
    Pipistrellus anthonyi Anthony’s Pipistrelle
    Pipistrellus joffrei Joffre’s Pipistrelle
    Pteralopex acrodonta Fijian Monkey-faced Bat
    Pteralopex anceps Bougainville Monkey-faced Bat
    Pteralopex atrata Cusp-toothed Flying fox
    Pteralopex pulchra Montane Monkey-faced Bat
    Pteropus insularis Chuuk Flying Fox
    Pteropus livingstonii Comoro Black Flying Fox
    Pteropus molossinus Caroline Flying Fox
    Pteropus phaeocephalus Mortlock Flying Fox
    Pteropus pselaphon Bonnin Flying Fox
    Pteropus rodricensis Rodrigues Flying Fox
    Pteropus voeltzkowi Pemba Flying Fox
    Rhinolophus convexus Bat
    Scotophilus borbonicus Lesser Yellow Bat
    Taphozous troughtoni Bat
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