What is some good green back to school gear?



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    Check out all of the BeGreen products offered by Pilot Pen. They have a cool new product called B2P (bottle to pen) these pens are made out of recycled water bottles! Check out the full line of products just follow the link below. Also you can watch a funny video featuring this new product.

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    How about O’Bon pencils, with all different animal designs-made from recycled newspapers, and they boast fewer broken graphite points! There’s also the Panda organic cotton backpack, with buckles made from recycled wood and the whole shebang made without PVCs. The sturdier option is the Osprey Revo backpack, which can carry a laptop. Also check out Banana Paper-notebooks made from banana skins that would have been discarded. These ideas and more are found on the treehugger site below. In terms of eco-friendly glue, check out the Coccoina Adhesive Glue Stick.


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    This website has a wide spread of sustainable backpacks ranging from backpacks with a solar panel on the back to hemp, organic cotton, and even backpacks made from recycled materials. 


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