What should I do with old film negatives that I don’t need or want anymore?



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    There are a couple cool things that you can do with old film negatives. The best thing that I have seen is to turn them into a lampshade. This is good for recycling reasons and it can give you some cool patters from the lamp. 

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    You can convert them to digital images as a matter of fact. You learn something new everyday 😉

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    well you can convert them, but if you really don’t want them and want to get rid of them, there are facilities that recycle them in a safe way to the environment.

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    There’s an artist who collects film negatives for art projects whose information can be found at myzerowaste.com. The article I found was from April of this year, so she could very likely still be collecting. Kodak also has several recycling options on their website, including a listing for scrap film buyers.

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