What is the scientific community’s opinion about global warming?



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    Well global warming is a serious matter that the world has to overcome and stop, but the media has made global warming seem worse than it actually is. I’m not saying lets sit back and ignore global warming because its not a big deal, I’m saying we should continue to stop global warming, but we shouldn’t be TOO worried when the media says “GLACIERS ARE MELTING, WHERE WILL THE ANIMALS GO, GLOBAL WARMING WILL START THE END OF THE WORLD” I’ve seen many of those phrases on tv and they are true but the media makes it scarier.

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    The scientific community generally believes that global warming exists and that it has been caused by human activities. Over 95% of scientists believe in human-caused climate change, and there is no major scientific institution anywhere in the world that doesn’t endorse the aforementioned theory. This is due to the large amount of evidence supporting this theory. 

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    Yet there is a small percentage of scientists that believe the global warming is just a natural process. It is just the normal fluctuation of global temperatures, just like the ice age was. Others say that humans do not have the capacity to affect the temperature on a global level. Click on the second link below to see some quotes made by scientists who do not believe humans are the cause of global warming.

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