What is the Sahara Solar Breeder?



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    Scientists are creating an initiative in the Sahara to build silicon and solar manufacturing plants. Power generated by these plants will help to build even more silicon and even more solar plants. They called it a “breeding” process since it works in kind of a loop. Check out the link below for a diagram. 

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    The Sahara Solar Breeder is a plan to build manufacturing plants across the Sahara that would extract silica from sand and build solar panels with it. The plan, put together by Universities in Japan and Algeria is projected to be able to provide enough energy to power half of the world in the next thirty years. However, it is still just a concept. According to an article on treehugger.com from last year, the technology to extract silica from sand doesn’t exist yet. I wasn’t abe to find any more recent information that said anything to the contrary.

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