What is the problem with using GMO’s to feed the world?



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    The first problem with GMOs is that there is no conclusive evidence to support the claim that GM crops really produce a higher yield. According to a Report by the Union of Concerned Scientists Failure to Yield, over a thirteen year study only GE Corn has shown a small increase in yield, while other increases are comparable to the gains made by conventional breeding techniques. Most crops are modified to be resistant to herbicides, namely Monsanto Corporation’s Roundup. Genes don’t function in isolation, therefore unintended side effects or mutations can occur when a gene is modified to be resistant to these weed killing poisons. The effect on human health from the GMs seems to require further study, but research suggests a link between the pesticides found in your supermarket’s produce section and certain types of cancer and other ailments. While some yields, such as corn and soy, can be increased marginally, the risks far out weigh the gains, except of course the financial gains of companies like Monsanto and DOW Agroscience who dominate the GM seed market. While these seeds may be convenient for some industrial farmers, they threaten the biodiversity of the environment and will ultimately leave the seed companies, not the farmers, in control.

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    Allowing corporations like Monsanto to continue to patent genes and distribute them across the country with little worry about cross-pollination will eventually destroy Earth’s biodiversity; making the Earth simply inhabitable. It has also been shown the GMO crops create toxicity and pollution in the soil. Along with the environmental threat that GMO’s place, there is also a health risk. There is a noticeable correlation between GMO’s and poor-health, such as cancer, allergies, and degenerative diseases. The FDA releases alot of GMO’s to the public without reviewing the test results, they only view the results if the producing company requests.

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