What percentage of water evaporates with traditional irrigation?



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    In the traditional method of flood irrigation, about 50% of the water is wasted, and run-offs are designed to catch this, but most of that water gets lost to evaporation.

    There is a variation of flood irrigation known as furrow irrigation, but that is only slightly more efficient.

    The modern way to irrigate crops would be the LEPA center pivot system, which has about a 90% efficiency rate!

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    You did not say anything about the presence or absence of the factors that increase or decrease the rate of evaporation but if what you mean by traditional irrigation is flood irrigation, evaporation continues at every moment but increases as the temperature of the environment increases and decreases as the temperature decreases.  

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    This will depend on a number of factors including overspray from the irrigation system, leaks, wind, aspect, slope, and evapotranspiration.  Irrigation systems differ in their effectiveness.  Ancient techniques such as flood irrigation are the least effective while L.O.W.A. and L.E.W.A. sprinkler heads are the most energy and water efficient.  If you live in the U.S. you should look into matched precipitation sprinklers.

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