What percentage do hybrid sales make up?



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    The most recent report on hybrid car sales I could find was from October 2010. Hybrid car sales were 22,449 units sold in October, that is 9.17% more than September’s sales: 22,193. 

    It is really hard to say what percentage hybrid sales make up out of all cars in general since car sales are usually reported by company. Also, it depends on which country you want the statistics for.

    Sorry I couldn’t fully answer your question, but it is encouraging to see that hybrid sales continue to rise!

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    Hybrid cars made up about 3% of the total care sales in August 2009.  The Toyota Prius is the most popular hybrid model and it made up roughly 1% of all car sales in August 2009.  Toyota, Honda, and Ford make and sell the most hybrid vehicles out of all car companies.  This is the most recent information I could find on the subject, but I do remember reading recently that hybrid sales have starting to decline so these figures may not match current trends.

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