What is Nutrition Science?



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    Nutrition science is the science of nutrition, meaning a study of chemicals, biology, etc. in relation to health living creatures based on their diet. It includes researching the effects that different nutrients and diets have on the organisms.

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    It is a branch of scientific research or study that examines the relationships between health, nutrient intake, and the human body.

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    As an example of recent efforts by nutrition scientists, a team has joined together to form a Global Nutrition Science Research Initiative which will focus on addressing problems like “global hidden hunger”. Hidden hunger is a condition exhibited by people who have sufficient calories in their diet but have an insufficiency of certain vitamin and minerals. They may not have the classic signs of malnutrition but suffer physically and mentally with this type of hunger. Nutrition scientists play a key role in global environmental issues because of this ability to address complex issues related to sustenance, like the hidden signs of vitamin deficiency.

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    As stated above nutritional science is the study of maximizing the nutritional intake for our bodies. A great place to learn more about nutritional science and the efforts being put forth in the field is the American Society for Nutrition, located in Bethesda, Maryland. It is a non-profit organization that brings together research and the latest results in nutrition to share with the general public.

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