What is Natural Storm Water Management?



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    Natural stormwater management is an alternative technique to controlling stormwater runoff from municipal and industrial facilities.  The ‘artificial’ stormwater management techniques have generally been to basically route the runoff away from the facility – often this results in a steep dropoff of constantly streaming water, creating unnecessary erosion.  Natural techniques include things like permeable pavement, rooftop rainwater collection systems, soil amendments, and bioretention areas. 

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    Additionally, storm water can be naturally managed through appropriate urban planning. Wetlands regions that are filled in and developed can cause hefty problems in later years. Flooding and damage to the buildings can be a recurring issue. I learned in an American environmentalist course that some cities have even reclaimed wetlands areas to effectively control this phenomena and to improve local biodiversity.

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    There are so many benefits to stormwater management. It supports environmental sustainability by:
    • Avoiding or minimizing the creation of polluted stormwater
    • Decreasing environmental impacts on the lakes, watersheds and rivers
    • Getting better harmony with the water cycle in the watershed
    • Minimizing health problems

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