What is the most popular pet in America?



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    The most popular pet in America is split between cats and dogs.  Many rankings list Persian Cats as the most popular cat breed and Labrador Retrievers as the most popular dog breed.

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    The top three breeds of dog are:

    • Labrador Retrievers
    • Yorkshire Terriers
    • German Shephards

    While the top three breeds of cats are:

    • Persian Cat
    • Maine Coon

    and the Himalayan cat

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    The most popular pet in America depends on which statistic you find more important, the total number of a particular pet owned in America or the total number of households owning a particular kind of pet. Cats are more numerous in America, while more households own a dog. To put in another way, people that own cats often own more than one cat, while a greater variety of people own at least one dog.

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    Honestly, i would have to say a cross between

    cats ,dogs,and fish.

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