What is the most incredible survival story that you know of?



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    The Antarctic expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1914 is by far the most incredible survival story I have ever heard.  In a time where the technology to survive in such harsh climates was not even close to what it is now, the crew and captain were able to survive for over TWO YEARS in incredibly harsh polar terrain!  That is an absolutely amazing feat.

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    I’m probably bias, but my mom’s survival story is my favorite. She had colon cancer, but didn’t want to get it checked out because she’s stubborn and didn’t want to admit she was sick, so it ended up nearly killing her. She had to go into surgery straight away, and doctors ended up removing nearly 8 inches of her colon. But, she decided she would live. She had chemo for a little under a year, then a few months after that, she found out she was pregnant (with me, no less), at 44, which was an especially big deal 20 years ago, when doctors freaked out if a new mom was over 35. So, not only did she survive cancer, but she also stayed strong in that she refused to abort me, even though nearly all the doctors she went to said I wouldn’t turn out right, because of the chemo, and because she had gestational diabetes. But, she carried me to term, and has remained cancer free, which to me is simply incredible. =)

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