What is the most common house spider?



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    While there are many common spiders around the home (both indoors and out), I’d have to say a serious contender for most common is the house spider! Some people know this long-legged spider as the “Daddy Long-legs”

    Also called the cellar spiders, these guys are found everywhere and anywhere. There is a myth going around that they’re the most venomous spider in the world… but that’s all it is! The most venomous spider is actually the Brazilian Wandering Spider, and while it isn’t very big it’s highly aggressive, highly toxic, and highly territorial.

    Some other common spiders are the jumping spiders, wolf spiders, crab spiders, fishing spiders, sac spiders, gnapshoid spiders, comb-footed spiders, garden spiders, grass spiders, and orb spiders.

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