What makes the starbucks eco coffee cup so good for the environment?



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    Currently most every day coffee cups from a coffee shop are not recyclable in any way. Starbucks has a plan to introduce compostable cups by 2015. It’s been hard for companies to come up with a design for compostable coffee cups because the type of matter that will break down through composting reacts to heat, therefore your coffee cup would dissolve. We will see if Starbucks actually comes out with something!

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    There was a petition to get Starbucks to start using eco-friendly cups in 2009!  Seeing as how quite a few other coffee shops have switched over to the balanced side.  It, of course, did not work.  (Sad Face)

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    A reason to buy those cups is so that you don’t have to use disposable cups every time you go to Starbucks. If you reuse a cup, it becomes “eco.” A note about Starbucks coffee itself: The only coffees that support the environment are those that are fair-trade certified and organic. Starbucks started selling these varieties of coffee at the insistence of human rights groups and environmental groups – it didn’t always sell enviro-coffee. If you’re interested, just look for the “fair trade” and “organic” labels (pictured below) on all the coffees you buy, and you can be sure that the equatorial coffee growers are getting a good wage for their work, and their land is not being destroyed.

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