What is a list of things we can do to stop deforestation?



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    One of the steps we can all take is the reduction of paper. For example, my local public library offers a checkout receipt in the form of e-mail instead of paper. Some other places may do the same.

    We can also support indigenous farming of existing products rather than farmed products that are grown by clearing existing forest land.

    Finally, just supporting GreenAnswers.com helps in the planting of trees native to deforested areas.

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    One thing you can do, as an empowered consumer, is to stop purchasing products that use palm oil, or only purchase products certified with sustainably farmed palm oil.  Palm oil plantations have contributed to much of the rainforest deforestation in both Brazil and South East Asia.  In Malaysia, palm oil is their largest export and the industry is only looking to increase.  It is said that a single palm tree can occupy as much as 70 square meters of forest space.  Below is an example of one of the campaign posters against the industrial farming of palm oil that is contributing to widespread deforestation.

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    1. Move to Brazil or Indonesia, join the national government, and enact a policy to stop deforestation.
    2. Move to Brazil or Indonesia, and work tirelessly to educate the public to support legislation that will stop deforestation.
    3. Gain a position of power in the US government, and bribe Brazil or Indonesia to stop deforestation with big sums of foreign aid.
    4. Move to Brazil or Indonesia, get a gun, and form an outlaw band that shoots at anyone who tries to chop down a rainforest tree.
    5. Become a pathologist, get a job in a highly-secure lab, steal a few vials of a deadly virus, and dump them into the water supply in Brazil or Indonesia.
    6. Go to Brazil or Indonesia and chain yourself to a tree that is about to be chopped down, hoping this will garner media attention and raise public support against deforestation.
    7. Ignore this entire message and do whatever everyone else does and do a Google search.  🙂
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