What is the largest oil reserve in the world?



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    Ghawar, in Saudi Arabia, is the world’s largest oil reserve – it measures 160 miles by 16 miles and is estimated to have had over 100 BILLION barrels of oil!  The next largest oil reserves are Iraq’s Qurna (21 billion barrels) and Iraq’s Majnoon (13 billion).

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    Ghawar is the largest, but the #2 and #3 cited in the other answer, from the reference, are not correct, at least not for total cumulative production. There are several fields with more than 21 billion barrels total, and several that almost certainly have more than 21 billion remaining. These include #2 Burgan (Kuwait, 66 billion, probably at least 30 billion remaining), #3 Cantarell (Mexico, 25 billion, but probably less than 10 b remaining), and Tengiz (Kazakhstan, probably about 20-25 billion remaining).

    Disclaimer, the cited ref is my own page and compilation.

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