What is the largest city in Asia?



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    This is one of those statistics that is both difficult to estimate and constantly changing. Tokyo’s population, including surrounding urban areas, is estimated at 34.2 million, with Seoul, South Korea next at 22.3 million. If you’re counting population within the city limits proper, Shanghai comes first with an estimate of 14,348,535 people, according to the UN. Chongqing in China is perhaps the world’s largest municipality by both population and area, with 31 million inhabitants and 31,800 square miles, respectively.

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    Population-wise, it’s either Tokyo, Seoul, or Bombay, depending on whether you’re using total urban area or strict city limits.  And the above post is correct, it’s constantly changing.  The census only being taken every ten years, plus sketchy reporting tools in Asia contribute to making this a hard estimate to make.  The largest city in Asia by surface area, however, is much easier to find.  According to the UN, Bandung (Indonesia) is the largest, followed by Hamamatsu (Japan) and Shizuoka (Japan) – Bandung’s city limts total 1670 square miles.

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    In terms of population, that would be Mumbia (formely Bombay), India. Yes, contrary to what most believe India is a considered an Asian country. It has a city population of 12147100. However, Seoul in Korea is the second most populated city in Asia with a population of  11153200. If you are asking in terms of area size then Tokyo, Japan is ranked number one in that respect.


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