What is the Kleptocracy Fighters Inc. phone application?



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    It is an app that empowers citizens to combat kleptocratic government officials, which are officials which use corruption to enrich and empower themselves. It empowers the citizens by allowing cell/smartphones too record via audio/video (as evidence, I assume) and it includes data aggregation, encryption, analysis, GPS warnings, prosecution and publishing of incidents.

    Sounds like just the app we need these days.

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    Kleptocracy is a term used to describe a government that embezzles public funds to increase wealth of a ruling class or of government officials themselves.  Kleptocracy Fighters, Inc. designed a mobile application that allows users to record and report government corruption – in real time.  Reports can be submitted via text, video or audio, and the application has gained fame by winning second prize in the Apps4Africa promotion.

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