What kinds of foods to box turtles eat?



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    I can tell you from my one-year-old son’s “Baby Animals” book that box turtles definitely like lettuce (along with bunnies). In the wild, box turtles like to eat worms, snails, beetles, grasses, fallen fruit, flowers and other things they can take small bites from. In captivity, a box turtle’s diet should break down as the following: 50 percent protein, 30 percent vegetables and 10 percent dark greens and 10 percent fruit. Bon Appetite!

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    Be sure to feed your box turtle a diet that includes both plants and animals – carrots, green beans and most berries are great dietary additions to keep your box turtle healthy.  Good meat options include high-quality, low-fat canned dog food (chicken), worms, slugs and snails.  Crickets are also an easy food source for box turtles, and can usually be found for sale at any pet store if you can’t dig any up around your house.

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