What kind of meat is the worst for your health?



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    Beef and Pork are the worst meats for your body. They offer little to no nutritional value and are full of fat and cholesterol. 

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    There are five fairly bad meat choices. One of which is fried catfish, catfish are high in toxins that could make you sick, and fried anything is never a very healthy choice. Another meat that one shouldn’t eat very often is, and prepare for collective groans… bacon! Yes, it may be delicious but it’s also processed and full of sodium (plus sodium nitrate which can lead to serious health problems), and if you eat a lot it could lead to cancer. You can still eat it, just on rare occasions. Another meat that isn’t so great for you is organ meat; despite the amount of nutrients it’s also high in cholesterol and, such as the liver, toxins. Organ meats are a delicacy in some places and should really be kept as a delicacy. And prepare for more collective groans cause hot dogs and ground beef aren’t too great for you, either! Hot dogs are processed which means they have MSG and sodium nitrate which can lead to cancers, and they also have a high fat and cholesterol content. Ground beef is high in fat and grease a long with there being a risk of it being contaminated with E. Coli. With this meat? By it lean and cook it thoroughly!

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