what items use in construction can be found in the black list of things which harm the environment



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    Shanghai COSCO Kawasaki Heavy Industries Steel Structure is an entire international company that China’s State Environmental Protection Agency put on an environmental blacklist. Their products are made specifically for construction and have helped build places like huge, international airports and town squares.

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    Debris created by construction includes concrete and mixed rubble, wood, drywall, asphalt roofing, metals, bricks, and plastics. Concrete and mixed rubble represents about 40-50% of all debris, wood represents 20-30%, drywall represents about 5-15%, asphalt roofing represents about 1-10%, and metals, bricks and plastics each represent about 1-5%. Out of these materials, plastics would probably be the most harmful to the environment. Plastics don’t break down and produce plenty of toxic chemicals such as benzene and vinyl chloride, which can cause cancer.

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