What is included in the diet of a sea turtle?



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    Sea turtles are unusual, in that they may be carnivorous, omnivorous or herbivorous, depending on the species, and their jaws are adapted for whatever their chosen diet is. Green sea turtles feast on sea grasses and algae and adults, the only vegetarian adult sea turtle species, but when they are young, they are carnivorous. Hawksbills are equipped with thin snouts, which allow them to pry into crevices to nab sponges, shrimp and squids. Loggerheads, on the other hand, have very strong jaws, used for crushing hard shells in their mouth, and they use this function to consume crabs and mollusks, as well as soft foods like jellyfish and vegetation. Finally, leatherbacks are equipped with soft spines on the inside of their mouth, as well as very delicate jaws, so they are only able to eat soft food, like jellyfish and tunicates. 

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