what impact will cause in case of destruction and illegal mining in hills and mountains

Iam the secretary of Environmental Protection And Peoples Care Organisation.Here in kaliyal,kanyakumari District, T.N., India a large number of illegal mining occuring on the North-West mountain region inwhich surrounding area is full of rubber tree cultivation. The main roal of destruction is caused by POABS MINES GROUP who has huge money and political power. More protests had been conducted by nearby dwelling peoples against the malpracticing POABS Group but in vain due to high influence in political leaders and bureaucrates.Nearby hoams got cracked, household articles automatically falled down during explosions on mountains.Peoples still facing panic and fear.The rain fall ratio decreased here in and yield of rubber also decreased. Ecological balance and biodiversity impaired.
Please explain what will happen if the illegal mining continue on the mountain?



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