What has been done to stop the trade of conflict diamonds?



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    The attempts to stop conflict diamonds have been mainly self-regulation, either by government law or laws within the diamond companies.  Mainly, diamonds imported from other countries will have a background check done to see if they fall under regulations.

    However, the regulations can only go so far, as the new regulations are not closely monitored. There is no way to tell 100% that the diamonds we see in the stores are not conflict diamonds.

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    Various diamond retailers have also begun ensuring that their diamonds are conflict free.  An example of one of these companies is Conflict Neutral.  Linked below is their website.  They are an example of companies that allow us as consumers to use our more local purchasing decisions to influence global issues.

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    I think the movie, Blood Diamond, did a great job of making people aware of the harsh and often brutal conditions of diamond mining in Africa.  Since the release, the popularity of jewelers ensuring conflict free merchandise has increased.  More people are aware of the diamond mining process and what it takes to create the finished product of beautiful jewelry sold half a world away.

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