What happens to old needles that hospitals get rid of?



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    There seems to be a number of proper ways to dispose of discarded needles along with other medical waste. Incineration was thought to be one of them, though they have been linked to public health threats and pollution. Hospitals could also use steam autoclave which is the most widely used alternative method, though animal, chemotherapy, or radiation wastes are unaffected. A hospital could also use chemical treatment, microwave radiation and other thermal systems.

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    Already asked and answered a few months ago – http://greenanswers.com/q/183472/recycling-waste/waste-garbage/how-do-hospitals-dispose-needles-they-use.

    Hospitals put their used needles and syringes into ‘sharps’ containers, mail them back to the manufacturer, and they are then landfilled.

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    Biohazard waste, including used needles, can be placed in a special landfill that has been designed to prevent the waste from leaking into the surrounding ground water and environment. The landfill is lined with a material that is supposed to prevent seepage.

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