What is happening now to save the Aral sea?



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    After the North Aral Sea split from the South Aral Sea due to shrinking water levels stemming from Soviet irrigation projects, it (the North Aral Sea) was dammed and has seen a steady increase in water levels, decrease in salinity and increase in fish stock.  The South Aral Sea has basically been left to either shrivel up and die or to find a natural way back to health.  Today, a second dam is under construction, intending to revive the North Aral Sea even more based on the success of the first dam.

    Beyond the second dam, nothing is currently being done on any sort of large scale to save the much larger South Aral Sea.

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    Unfortunately the revival of the Aral Sea goes beyond reversing irresponsible irrigation practices from the Soviet Union era. The land that has been exposed to due water recession has high salt levels and/or toxic chemical quantities. The 60 percent of surface area and 80 percent of total volume lost needs to be restored in a environmentally responsible way.

    As mentioned previously, the North Aral Sea has seen some recovery due to the construction of a dyke and other projects. Progress will be slow with estimates of 30 years for a full recovery.

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