What is the greenest major at your college?



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    Theatre. Just kidding the greenest major at Mary Washington University is probably Environmental Science.

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    The University of Idaho has a college of Natural Resources, which includes a variety of green majors.  My personal choice for their greenest major would be Ecology and Conservation Biology.  In your interest is specified in a certain field, Idaho offers Fishery, Forest, and Wildlife Resources degrees.  They also have an Environmental Science program for a broader range of green studies.

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    In University of California, Davis, a new undergraduate major called Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems is considered, in my opinion, the greenest major at that college. It is a major where you learn how to produce foods using the least amount natural resources and has low environmental effects. Though, many undergraduate majors are contributing to the “green cause” as side projects or require courses related to sustainable development. Food Science, Biotechnology, and Textiles and Clothings are examples of majors that attempt to promote “green” ways based on its respective subject.



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    The University of Texas at Austin offers an Environmental Science and Sustainability major in the Jackson School of Geosciences. The objective is to provide students with the foundational knowledge in the physical, life and social sciences necessary to pursue a career and study in related fields such as global change, land use management and conservation.

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    At Wayne State University, I would say the greenest major is environmental science or environmental biology. There aren’t really other options, but you can focus your electives and research topics in environmental subjects.

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    I majored in environmental biology and management at University of California, Davis. The university offers a variety of green majors with different focuses. There are environmental policy and planning, environmental horticulture, environmental toxicology, natural resources economics, environmental education. Students have the option of designing their own major. I had a classmate who majored in sustainable business management by taking classes across many different departments. College is what you make out of it, so you make any major green by taking the right classes and participating in internships and clubs. 

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