What is the greenest city in the east coast?



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    Such a superlative is bound to be subjective but according to Popular Science, which, in 2008, ranked the top 50 Greenest Cities, the greenest on the east coast was Boston, Massachusetts coming in at #3 after the west coast’s Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. They cited such advancements as Boston’s plan to turn yard clippings into power and fertilizer.

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    I agree with the answer above. Many sources list Boston as one of the greenest cities in the east coast, but also in the entire US. On top of their advancements in using yard clippings as fertilizer, the city also has a “Green by 2015” goal. Their plans include: replacing regular taxis with hybrids vehicles, using recycled trash to power homes, increasing the use of solar panels, and encouraging the use of electric motorbikes as transportation in the city instead of cars. Additionally, the city hosts a yearly conference called Down2Earth to help education local residents on how to live more sustainable lives.

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