What is the greenest car Chevy makes?



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    Definitely the Volt. This car gets 60 MPG therefore replacing the Toyota Prius as the most gas efficient car in America.

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    I would have to agree with the Chevy Volt.  Chevrolet is actually leading the field (for once) of the plug-in hybrid vehicle race. The Volt offers up to 100 miles of battery driven power on a single charge, and can drive 640 miles without having to be filled up at a gas station or plugged in.  Based on new EPA guidelines, the Volt would be able to get 230 mpg although I have heard discussions stating that the average driver would get roughly 100 mpg.  Regardless, Chevrolet has made a huge leap in the direction of plug-in hybrid vehicles and has even made it affordable.  A new Volt should cost the American consumer $28,000 (minus a $7,500 tax rebate) and save roughly 500 gallons of gas per year.

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