What is a good type of turtle for kids?



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    It sounds like the smaller species are better suited as pets for kids, although I would read through this article before deciding.  It is a big commitment because they have a 50-100 year lifespan. Also, they are relatively high maintenance.  If you decide to go ahead with the pet turtle, it is important to pick a species that does not require hibernation.

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    The website listed below, recommends 4 turtle types: Box Turtles, Mud Turtles, Sliders and Painted Turtles. It seems all 4 are low-maintenance (as far as pet turtles go). I had a Painted Turtle as a kid it was pretty easy to take care of and never bit me if that is any help.

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    As with any animal you bring into your home or domesticate, it is important to know the risks involved to both your loved ones and the animal being cared for. Turtles are no exception. Turtles are commonly known to carry the bacteria Salmonella on their shell and outer skin layer. While salmonella can create a serious infection, it is simple to prevent the occurrence of sickness through proper hand-washing and use of common sense.


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