What is a good tea to start drinking?

I’m interesting in trying out teas to drink. I’d like to stay away from the caffeine if possible. I haven’t drank tea since I was a kid, and I tried red rose, and didn’t mind it with a bit of sugar. I’ve done some research on the types of teas, their benefits and such, so I’m not looking for that type of information.

I know it’s a really hard question to answer, everyone has their own tastes, what I can tell you, is I hate mint, peppermint, spearmint, etc.

What are some good suggestions? Most people I know, don’t drink tea, and searching for this question on the internet gives the benefits of teas.

Thanks for any advice you have to offer.. Looking forward to your advice.



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    I would recommend a nice caffeine free chai tea.  If you like spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamon, this would be an excellent choice as it is a stronger, spicy tea and comes in many different and available varieties.  It’s especially excellent around the holidays as the weather starts to get colder.

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      I do like spices, but didn’t want to include that information so it was the focus of replies. Thanks.

      There’s a new tea store in our mall here that specializes in tea, they have hundreds of varities and can mix teas.

      I’m going to have to get the gall to walk in and buy a few. Thanks again.

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    Green tea is a great choice – the health benefits are great, and it’s pretty widely available with different styles to suit your tastes.  Black tea and white tea are the best-tasting, in my opinion … but they’re kind of hard to get, and expensive when you can find them.  I drink green tea regularly and try to recommend it as often as possible.

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    For better tasting teas, I recommend going with high-quality loose leaf teas that may be prepared in a press. Tea bags are essentially packaged leftovers from loose leaf tea processing and tend to have lower nutritional value and poorer taste. Avoid using boiling water as it scolds the tea and eradicates some of its benefits. Adding milk is another good way to negate some of the benefits provided by teas.


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    What I would recommend is going to Trader Joe’s to buy your tea. They have a very wide variety of tea; that’s where my roommates and I all get our tea. They have both caffeinated and non-caffeinated and Trader Joe’s is known for producing fair trade and green products. 

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    If you are a novice tea drinker you should start with either a chai tea or a black tea. Green tea seems to have the strongest flavor. If you add some soy milk in chai tea it makes for a great taste. You can also just start with Good Earth tea. The key to tea drinking is to make sure the tea doesn’t steep for too long, and to make sure the water is the right temperature. It really depends on your flavor pallet. There are a lot of really good teas, I would recommend going to the store and looking through the flavors and seeing what sounds good.

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