What is a good non profit green organization?



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    The Great Bear Foundation.  The co-founder, Dr. Charles Jonkel, is a strong activist in public awareness on global warming.  He has been studying the effects of global warming on the Arctic region, with a concentration on polar bears and the diminishing ice pack.

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    Green Seal is a good non profit organization. They test and certify whether or not a product or company is green enough to wear the seal. They have been in business for 20 years, and it is an important mission. Companies and marketing have made it very difficult for consumers to figure out where the products they buy are coming from and at what cost, so a rating system such as theirs could be really useful. 

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    The Environmental Defense Fund is a notable green non profit organization.  Their hefty mission is to preserve natural systems worldwide.  They partner with businesses, government, and community activists to address a broad range of environmental concerns from global warming to sustainable fishing.  The employ research, legal action, market-based environmental policy, and company partnerships to find solutions and affect change on some of the world’s most critical environmental problems.

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    My favorite green non-profit organization is definitely The Nature Conservancy. Their goal is to conserve ecologically important areas, help preserve habitat, and help educate people about the importance of conservation, restoration, and education. They take a very non-confrontational stance when trying to achieve their goals (unlike more inflammatory groups like Sea Shepherd and PETA, who I think tend to polarize people with their tactics rather than really help), and they really try to work with other organizations, especially governments and indigenous communities, to work for the best outcome.

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