What is a good green option for gift wrapping?



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    You can’t go wrong with putting your gifts in recyclable or reusable bags or boxes. They may not be stylish, but they will do the trick. There are also numerous companies specializing in recyclable wrapping paper which can be easily found on the internet. Recyclable paper is particularly useful if you want to put a bow on your gift, since plastic bows are made from petroleum products. And if you have biodegradable tape, be sure to use it!

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    Something I’ve always done and has looked trendy and artsy is wrapping presents in newspaper. Especially if you use the “Arts” section of the newspaper to wrap it, or maybe even the “Sports” section if the gift recipient is somewhat of an athlete. The part of the newspaper with comic strips or crosswords would also make very cute wrapping paper. 

    Just put a bow on top and voila! You are recycling, saving money, and being creative (or at least looking like you are) at the same time. Plus, the gifts will look very original and stylish.

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    I have used the yellow pages for wrapping paper before.  I shred a few pages and tie them together for a bow.  Your main choices for colors are yellow and white, but you can add designs with markers.

    I also fold and save pretty much any piece of wrapping paper that is big enough to reuse and doesn’t have too many wrinkles.  My family certainly doesn’t mind me reusing paper.  In fact, it’s become a sort of game to remember when the wrapping paper was last used and what it wrapped.

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    I recently came across a list of the Top 10 Green Gift Wrap Ideas.  One of my favorites is to use old maps as gift wrap.  Another option is to buy recycled newspaper printed with soy-based ink.  For the rest of the ideas see the link below.

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    I would say lean towards using gift bags and gift boxes made out of recycled material, as these kind of materials can be reused dozens of times. A good gift box is much too useful to throw away. Here’s an awesome company that sells all sorts of recycled Christmas bags and boxes. http://www.nashvillewraps.com/

    Like the 100% recycled snowman bag below

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    A brown grocery bag is a good option. If you do it cleanly it can look very quaint and homely. I think it works best for smaller presents so you don’t have to tape multiple bags together.

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    I would not wrap the gifts. If I did, I would wrap them in Newspaper or put them in a paper bag(shopping bag,reusuable one). Have done this for years with my kids b’day parties.

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    Try using boxes from products you buy, like cereals or cookies.

    For bows, use twigs, pinecones or fallen leaves.

    To be charatable, go to a salvation army, get a large size shirt. Wrap the gift in the shirt and tell the person to either keep the shirt or donate it. This way, you are also helping charity.

    Use gifts to warp gifts. Get the person a cool reusable bag and wrap the present in the bag.

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