What is a good eco friendly alternative to note pads at work?



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    If there are computers in your workplace, it would be more eco-friendly to utilize them for notes. You could send word documents to your colleagues through email or just make notes on them for yourself. Making spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel or a similar program would work particularly well with lists of numbers or items.

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    In addition to using computers, perhaps a white board would be useful and eco-friendly also. Maybe even a chalk board. You can write messages and reminders there for all co-workers to see, and erase when they are finished. This will eliminate paper use that would usually be excessive with note pads.

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    Whiteboards are a good alternative, but so can tablet computers.  Specifically the iPad.  The reason that the iPad would make the most eco-friendly solution, is that computers in general use a bit of Mercury, and a lot of Arsenic, amongst other threatening chemicals to be produced.  There also made of recycled, and recyclable Aluminum and Glass, unlike other tablets made of petroleum plastics. Apple tries their best to make the most green products on the market to date.

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    Paper can be very useful for leaving reminders or sending a quick note.  To make communication easier on the environment, you can take paper that has only one side used and cut them into squares.  Dig through the recycle bin or check for paper by the copy machine that would otherwise be thrown away.

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