What is the EPAs E15 decision?



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    The E15 is a recent EPA enactment that will provide up to 15% of ethanol in gasoline, to be used in car models from 2007 to the present. The decision has garnered a lot of support, but also some criticism as well. The Renewable Fuels Association supports the decision, but questions the legitimacy of the claim that only recent car models can benefit. The National Petrochemical and Refiner’s Association went as far as to slam the EPA for selling out and becoming “The Ethanol Promotion Agency.” Brazilian competitors in the ethanol industry have announced that, in light of the recent developments, that the US should concede ethanol trade protection, which could spark a turf war in the biofuel industry.

    For all the criticism, however, the E15, which raises the standard ethanol amount in gasoline by 5%, will have a major positive impact on non-renewable resources and hopefully, in time, the majority of drivers. 

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