What is an eco friendly way to wash your dishes?



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    Some tips include: using less scouring pads, using eco-friendly dish soap (I personally use Seventh Generation brand), and air-drying dishes (so you don’t waste resources to clean your towels). There’s a full guide on the link below:

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    You can use collected rain water to wash your dishes. Rain barrels can also supply your plant watering needs and even laundry.

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    You can also put a stopper in your sink and reuse the water for something else, perhaps for watering plants.

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    I haven’t seen this tip addressed in previous answers, so I’ll go ahead and include it.  Don’t leave the water running as you do your dishes.  Use just enough to get the dish wet, soap it up, and then try using a damp cloth to wipe and rinse the soap off instead of holding the dish under the faucet.

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